Strengthening connection and collaboration in Queensland’s multicultural sector

We are pleased to announce the formation of a state-wide first, the Queensland Executive Multicultural Service Sector Network (the Network). The Network’s inaugural meeting was held earlier this week with executive representatives from 32 multicultural service providers across Queensland.

The purpose of the network is to provide a unified voice in advocacy and develop agreed sectorial positions on matters of most importance to multicultural Queensland, embodying values of social justice, equity, and representation. The Network will meet three times annually working to strengthen knowledge sharing, foster collaboration and improve visibility of the multicultural service sector.

ECCQ CEO Lisa Ward said “Queensland is a vast and diverse state with unique barriers but also unique opportunities. With its inclusive, state-wide membership the Network is well positioned to be a united voice for the betterment of multicultural Queensland inclusive of these differences”.

“The success of the inaugural meeting is attributed to the commitment of all the network member organisations, and the expertise and dynamic facilitation by Pino Migliorino AM. I express my sincere appreciation to all attendees for your enthusiasm and engagement. It is the beginning of stronger, more collaborative and connected multicultural sector for Queensland”, she said.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Leanne Linard welcomed the initiative and the co-ordinated voice they will provide for culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

“Our state is home to people from 220 different countries and territories who speak more than 180 languages and identify with over 110 different faiths. There’s no doubt that Queensland’s diversity is a success story.”

“The network will be an opportunity for executives to work together to create a more inclusive and harmonious Queensland by speaking as one voice about the barriers facing the sector, and I look forward to working closely with them in the future.” She said.

While the Network is chaired by ECCQ, it would not have been possible without the sponsorship, both financial and in secretarial support, of Access Community Services, part of the SSI Group. Their sponsorship ensured that all regional areas were represented and engaged in person. For the Network to truly represent all of Queensland, engagement from regional areas is essential.

SSI Group CEO Violet Roumeliotis said “investing in building sector capability was a strategic goal for the organisation, in recognition of the onus on larger non-profits to support growth in the sector”.

“As multicultural service providers, we’re asking our communities and community leaders to collaborate – but we’re not walking the talk. Through this network, we want to demonstrate that there is power in collaboration and that we’re practicing what we preach,” she said.