Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care

Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC) is a national initiative, funded by the Australian government, established in 1997. The program aims to assist older multicultural Australians and support culturally appropriate aged care.

In Queensland, PICAC is delivered by ECCQ, we support:

Aged Care Diversity Framework – a resource that can be used as a reflective tool to help aged care providers identify gaps in their service to support older CALD people.

A guide for aged care providers: Actions to support older CALD people.

Click here to learn more about the PICAC Alliance and to explore aged care cultural training and resources to support aged care providers to continuously improve their cultural responsiveness to CALD older people.

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If you are an aged care provider PICAC can:

  • support to deliver culturally appropriate care in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards and the Aged Care Diversity Framework
  • professional development and learning opportunities, online and face-to-face.
  • help to link aged care providers with CALD communities, government agencies, and through networking and other events.

Through training, PICAC can support aged care providers to implement the Aged Care Diversity Framework.

Training topics may include:

  • Effective engagement with qualified interpreters
  • Cultural safety and trauma informed care for CALD consumers
  • Understanding dementia challenges for CALD consumers
We can also tailor additional topics to meet organisational needs.

For multicultural communities, PICAC can:

  • help link you with aged care services
  • deliver information sessions about aged care in Australia.

PICAC is funded by the Australian Government.