Chronic Disease

The Chronic Disease Program provides flexible, culturally appropriate healthy lifestyle education and resources to support the prevention and self-management of chronic diseases for CALD communities.

Our services are FREE, available through in-person sessions, by telephone or online platforms and
are delivered in languages including (but not limited to) Cantonese, Hindi, Dari, Burmese, Mandarin,
Arabic, Vietnamese, Samoan and in simple English.

For more details about how we can support you, your family and community please contact the Program Manager at or (07) 3844 9166.

Current Programs

My Health for Life

The program has been culturally tailored and is delivered in language to support CALD communities
to create healthy lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of chronic disease. Over the course of 6
sessions, delivered in groups or one-on-one, virtually, or face-to-face, participants learn about
current Australian guidelines, their risk of chronic disease and ways to make positive changes in their
lives. This is an initiative funded by Health and Wellbeing Queensland, the program is run by a
statewide alliance that includes ECCQ, Diabetes Australia, Stroke Foundation, Heart Foundation,
Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Health Council, and the Primary Health Networks.

Multicultural Program Offering Prospectus 

Program Flyer:

Health Navigation and Living Well Multicultural

The culturally tailored program provides 3 sessions, delivered in small groups or one-on-one within
the Brisbane North PHN area. The program is aimed at improving the awareness, knowledge, and
ability to self-manage or prevent chronic disease, as well as improve participants understanding of
the Australian healthcare system to foster stronger relationships with primary health clinics.
Sessions are flexible and tailored to the participants needs, delivered in their desired language and
at their preferred location, when acceptable. This program is funded by Brisbane North Primary
Health Network (BNPHN).

Program Flyer

The COACH Program for Multicultural Communities

The program aims to support community members diagnosed with Chronic Disease/s and living within Brisbane North PHN catchment to achieve better health and live longer through supporting self-advocacy, self-management and education. 4 sessions are delivered one on one at a place and time most appropriate for participants. Session are culturally sensitive, flexible and delivered by Multicultural Health Workers in language. This program is funded by Brisbane North Primary Health Network (BNPHN).

Program Brochure:

Aqua Safe

Aimed to increase the participation of CALD communities in water safety and reduce the incidences
of drowning, Brisbane City Council, Royal Life Saving Society Queensland and ECCQ provide tailored

education on topics including safety in and around water ways (pools, beaches, dams, and rivers),
responding to emergencies and understanding and performing CPR. The one off 2-hour session is
delivered within the Brisbane City Council catchment in language and at a preferred location, when
acceptable. This project is funded by Brisbane City Council.

Program Flyer

Disaster Management

The program aims to provide a comprehensive and tailored, one off session to communities on how
to remain safe and what to prepare before, during and after common natural disasters faced in
Brisbane. Sessions are delivered within the Brisbane City Council catchment in language and at a preferred location, when acceptable. The program is funded and delivered by Brisbane City Council
funded Disaster Preparedness initiative, in partnership with ECCQ.

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Local Drug Action Team

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) Program is funded by the
Australian Government and is being implemented across Australia. The LDAT aims to support
communities to plan, organise and facilitate wellness and cultural events to create stronger family
and greater community connections, enhance knowledge on consumption alcohol and drugs. ECCQ
is currently supporting the Australian Karen Organisation – QLD (AKO-QLD) alongside the Arise Women Support Association Inc. (AWSA).

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Group Education Enquiry

For group session bookings, please submit our group education session form below:

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We have a number of resources including cookbooks, booklets on healthy eating and cooking, chronic disease awareness and prevention and much more! These resources come in simple English and several languages including:

  • Arabic
  • Samoan
  • Burmese
  • Tongan
  • Swahili
  • Vietnamese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Dari
  • Punjabi
  • Hindi
  • and Tamil

To have a look at our selection of educational resources, click the link here. To order our resources, please submit our resource order form to