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Chronic disease and living well

ECCQ’s Chronic Disease Program has been delivering culturally appropriate preventative care since 2007

Our team of trained Bilingual Multicultural Health Workers (MHWs) ensure communities we work with receive culturally appropriate information and support to live healthy lifestyles and to prevent or self-manage chronic disease.

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Current Programs

My Health for Life Program for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities  

An initiative of Queensland Government, this program is run by statewide alliance between Diabetes Queensland, Stroke Foundation, Heart Foundation, Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Health Council, ECCQ and the Primary Healthcare Networks. 

The program has been designed to help you kick the bad habits that lead to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. ECCQ has culturally tailored and translated resources for the following communities: Arabic Speaking, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin Speaking), Pacific Islander and Vietnamese. The program is free and delivered by qualified Multicultural Health Workers in local areas. It involves six sessions, the first session is a face to face meeting and the remaining sessions are group based sessions. 

Currently ECCQ is delivering the program in Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese and Simplified English to Chinese, Arabic Speaking, Vietnamese and Pacific Islander communities.  Talk to us for other available options if you or your participants are not from these ethnic groups. 

Download the program brochure in: EnglishArabicVietnameseSimplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

We accept referrals from GPs, clinics and service providers, download a referral form here.

For more information please contact Ms Hong Do at 07 3255 1540 or email: 

Health Navigation

The Health Navigation Project is funded by Brisbane North Primary Health Network (PHN). It aims to improve awareness, knowledge and attitudes about chronic disease risk factors, how to make positive lifestyle choices and to improve knowledge and relationships with local primary health clinics within the Brisbane North PHN area.

Two to three free sessions, focused on chronic disease self-management and prevention are delivered by Bilingual Multicultural Health Workers in community language or simplified English if appropriate. These occur in a one on one or small group setting and at a place most convenient for community members. Sessions continue to be facilitated for the following communities but are not limited to; Arabic speaking, Afghan, Bhutanese, Chinese, Myanmar and South Sea and Pacific Islanders

Download the program brochure in: EnglishArabicChinese, Dari and Burmese.

For more information please contact Ms Kristy Lekkas on 3255 1540 or email

Aqua Safe

The Brisbane City Council funded Aqua Safe initiative is a partnership between Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, Brisbane City Council and Royal Life Saving Society Queensland to ensure increased participation of Culturally and linguistically diverse communities in water safety education programs to reduce the incidence of drowning.

Bilingual Multicultural Health Workers currently deliver workshops in language to multicultural communities including Afghan, Chinese and Myanmar community members and in simplified English when appropriate. All sessions take place within the Brisbane City Council catchment. The once off 2 hours sessions cover topics including but not limited too; safety in and around water ways including pool, beach, dam and river, responding to emergencies and understanding and performing CPR.

For more information please contact Ms Kristy Lekkas on 3255 1540 or email

Local Drug Action Team

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) Program is funded by the Australian Government and is being implemented across Australia. ECCQ is currently supporting the Arise Women Support Association Inc. to plan, organise and facilitate wellness and cultural events to create stronger family and greater community connections within the Sudanese and South Sudanese communities.

For more information on upcoming events please contact Ms Kristy Lekkas on 3255 1540 or email

Swim Logan 

Logan City Council’s Community Services Team is leading the Swim Logan Alliance with Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, the Aqua English Project and Aqua Logan. The Alliance is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. This project aims to educate communities on water safety and provide culturally-appropriate swimming lessons across four key Logan pools.

ECCQ delivers free culturally appropriate and tailored education workshops to increase knowledge and understanding of water safety in Australia, reduce the incidence of drowning and link community members with Aqua English and Aqua Logan for swimming lessons. These once off workshops are delivered by Bilingual Multicultural Health Workers in language to multicultural communities including Afghan, Chinese, Myanmar, Samoan, Arabic, Sudanese and South Sudanese community members as well as in simplified English, when appropriate. All sessions take place within the Logan City catchment. The sessions cover topics including, but not limited too; safety in and around water ways including public pools and beaches, responding to emergencies and understanding and performing CPR.

For more information please contact Ms Kristy Lekkas on 3255 1540 or email

Aged Care Navigators Trial

ECCQ is part of the Aged Care Navigators Trial established by the Australian Government to help older Australians learn more about government supported aged care programs and how to access them.

With funding from the Brisbane South Primary Health Network, ECCQ is assisting by making aged care information available and relevant to culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Information seminars sessions are currently being delivered across the Brisbane South region.

We have run sessions to the Arabic, Samoan, Korean and Vietnamese communities this financial year and we plan on reaching more groups.  Community members have gained valuable information about the ‘My Aged Care’ service, how to register and access services. Some have been able to gain support from the Specialist Support Worker in troubleshooting their current My Aged Care plans.

For more information on the Aged Care Navigators Trial please contact our Program Officer, Lindi Mpala on 3255 1540 or

The Aged Care Navigators Trial is delivered as part of a consortium led by COTA Australia and funded by the Australian Government.  For more information go to


Past Programs

Living Well Multicultural Program

Our team deliver education sessions in community languages or simplified English on: 

  • healthy eating and nutrition (including food shopping and label guides, budgeting and planning ahead, recipe modification and cooking demonstrations, food safety and food hygiene, healthy lunch boxes and nutrition for older people) 
  • physical activity (including education, demonstrations and home exercises guides using a TheraBand) 
  • chronic disease education and prevention (including diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among others)
  • information about the dangers of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and where to get assistance for cessation 
  • understanding and navigating the Australian Health Care System 

We have culturally tailored our resources for the following communities:

  • Pacific Islander communities and Australian South Sea Islander communities 
  • Sri Lankan communities 
  • Arabic Speaking communities 
  • Afghan community 
  • African communities 
  • Bhutanese community 
  • Myanmar community
  • Vietnamese 

We have translated resources in the following languages: Samoan, Arabic, Tamil and Vietnamese. 

Click here to download the program brochure in English

Click here to download the program brochure in Arabic

Click here to download the program brochure in Samoan

Click here to download the program brochure in Tamil

Click here to download the program brochure in Vietnamese

This program is currently under review.

Alcohol Harm Prevention Project

The Alcohol Harm Prevention Project was funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission and worked in partnership with Brisbane City Council, Brisbane South Primary Health Networks, The Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies and Metro South Health.

The project aimed to educate and support communities on the harms and effects of alcohol and where to find appropriate support. Target communities included Samoan, Sudanese and Vietnamese. The program events were all led, developed and executed by the community.
To read more about community led initiatives, please read the ECCQ booklet, Community solutions to address impacts of alcohol.

An Alcohol in your Community flyer has also been developed and is available for download in English, Vietnamese and Samoan.   

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