Hepatitis, HIV and STI Program

Hepatitis, HIV and STI Program

Our Program works with migrants and refugees across Queensland to improve access to Hepatitis, HIV and STI information, testing and treatment services.

Our Program is funded by Queensland Health. All our services and resources are provided free of charge to all migrants and refugees including people without a Medicare card and to service providers who work with those people.


Community education and information provision

Our team of trained bilingual community health workers (BCHWs) provides education in many different languages to community groups across Queensland.  We also provide information via phone, social media (such as Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp), ethnic newspapers and radio in English and other languages.

To request a free education session for your group please click here.

To request information in your language please contact our bilingual staff below.



Our team provides individual support and information to people living with hepatitis and to their families, for example:

  • Read and explain letters from your doctor or hospital
  • Make medical appointments
  • Show you how to get to the hospital if it is your first appointment
  • Help you to communicate with your doctor or hospital

For more details about how we can support you and your family please contact the Program Manager at or 38449166.
Alternatively, you can contact one of our bilingual staff who speaks your language via phone or email as below.

To request our support please click here.


Fibroscan tests

Fibroscan is a safe, quick, pain-free non-invasive assessment of potential damage to the liver. It is free for people who have hepatitis B or C. You will need a referral from your doctor to do a Fibroscan.
For more information about our Fibroscan service please contact the Treatment and Management Coordinator at or 38449166.

To request a Fibroscan please click here (must be completed by your doctor).



Please click here to order free resources.






Contact our bilingual staff

ChristineAcholi, Juba Arabic, Swahili,
NellieChinese, EnglishFemale0479130997
IqbalDari, EnglishMale0419468859
DanielDinka, Arabic, Juba Arabic,
AngelinaFrench, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda,
LazaroSwahili, Kirundi,



If you have any concerns or would like to provide feedback on our services and resources please contact the Program Manager at or 3844 9166.


Links for further information

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