Updates from ECCQ’s Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Program

· The 2nd round pre-testing panels for the Migrant Blood Borne Virus and Sexual Health Survey (MiBSS): we are organising two more groups from the North East Asia and the Sub-Sahara Africa regions to provide feedback on the draft questions for MiBSS. The formal survey is expected to start in August -September this year. If you would like to know more about the survey please contact the Program Manager at [email protected]

· Evaluation of the Management and Treatment Project: The Project is an important part of our program to support and improve access to care for people affected by viral hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C in the South East Queensland. We have engaged an experienced evaluator to examine the efficient and effectiveness of the Project after three years of its inception. If you are a client/stakeholder of our program and would like to be contacted for interviews, please email the Program Manager at [email protected]

· Community education sessions: we have recommenced conducting free community education sessions on hepatitis, HIV and STIs for small community groups. We will follow the current government rules to make sure the staff and participants are safe while attending a session. Please contact our bilingual staff or the Program Manager at [email protected] to arrange a session.

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