Research project: Ageing Well in a Foreign Land

We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to Associate Professor Shuang Lui and her team at the University of Queensland for their partnership with Diversicare.

The University of Queensland (UQ) partnered with Diversicare to conduct the Australian Research Council funded research project, Ageing Well in a Foreign Land: Identity, Social Connectedness, Well-being. Diversicare has collaborated with academic researchers at UQ since September 2016 to research and understand the best approaches to help older people from (CALD) backgrounds to adjust socially and culturally in Australia, reduce social isolation, and enhance their well-being.

Four studies, involving interviews, surveys, and a diary study, were conducted with Diversicare clients as the main participants. The key findings from the four studies consistently showed that a sense of disconnection with old social networks and culture due to cultural transition was felt among CALD clients. Participants indicated that Diversicare activities and services were a good way to engage with their heritage culture and allow for the building of new social networks, which clients recognised as beneficial to their physical and psychological well-being.

International research has identified social isolation among older migrants to be related to increased loneliness, reduced satisfaction with life, and lower psychological well-being. Our project findings showed that participation in facilitated social activities warrants investment as it increases the overall wellbeing of older people from CALD backgrounds.

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