Monthly tip for community associations – November

Community organisations spend a good amount of time organising events for their members to engage with a topic, support different causes, and enjoy socialising and networking with other community members. Amidst all this it can be easy to forget to ask for feedback during or after the event.

Feedback is not only important for reporting purposes but is good practice since it will inform your approach for future events and provide you with user experience data for you to analyse with the team at the post event meeting.

In addition to traditional paper feedback forms, tools such as SurveyMonkey can be a great way to make gathering and analysis of data during or post event easy and organised.

SurveyMonkey can be used free of charge. Once you sign up, you can create your own online survey with options to create multiple choice answers, ask open-ended questions, and use existing templates. Free accounts have limited choices with response analysis but you can still download all the answers and compile accordingly.

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These tips are from our Community Sector Development Program.

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