Monthly tip for community associations – March

Having an online presence of your own can be critical. If people hear about your association and want to learn more, they are likely going to search for this information online.

If you do not have for example a website or Facebook page, you might for this reason miss many opportunities for engagement.

There are many online platforms available to your organisation. The two most common options, and arguably most appropriate for most community associations, are Facebook or your own website.

A Facebook page for your association can be set up and managed easily through your personal account. This is the easiest option and is a great way to have open dialogues with community and sharing events.

Having your own website is also a great way to show your audience what your organisation is about, while giving you more control over the final layout.

Some tips to use for your online platform:

  • Keep information up to date by frequently adding posts.
  • Keep your posts relevant to your cause and avoid sharing things of personal interest that do not.
  • Share the work of your peers and give credit where it is due.
  • Show gratitude and publicly recognise supporters and donors to acknowledge their efforts.

These tips are from our Community Sector Development Program.

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