ECCQ response to racism

Dear Members, the CALD Community

The Ethnic Communities Council (ECCQ) are signatories to the national ‘Racism Stops With Me’ Campaign and it is my duty and my desire as Chairperson of ECCQ to support our Chinese Australians and other Asian Communities who are forced to endure the overt racism displayed by a minority of fellow Queenslanders and other Australians in relation to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in this country.  The Australian Chinese Community have been the subjects of an escalating trend of overt and covert racism attacks attributing blame on the Community for the Coronavirus in China.


The Australian Government’s broad message of unity in a crisis “We Are All In This Together” is a call to  arms for all sections of society to maintain a civil and orderly approach to the current pandemic to enable Australia to manage COVID 19 in the best possible manner.  The great majority of Australians have accepted the reality of the pandemic and are contributing to the cause while undergoing immense pressure and disruption on their respective lives in an effort to reduce the impact for all Australians during the crisis.


Recent xenophobic comments and feedback on social media attributed to two Coalition Members of the Australian Parliament are in stark contrast to the message of the Australian Government and if left unmoderated can be seen to incite racial hatred in the Queensland and Australian communities.  The social media comments and feedback through a lack of moderation by these individuals can be seen to promote division in the community at the expense of a section of our community and should be cause for alarm. The onus falls on political leaders to reduce the impact of these actions attributed to persons.  Politicians who allow their respective platforms to participate in this behaviour without using a common sense moderation practice, contribute to the rising attacks whether they are verbal or physical into our communities.  Those politicians who allow this type of communication would do well to remember that struggling Australian taxpayers, including the Chinese communities, have been asked to shoulder the burden of economic and social responsibility during the course of the pandemic while they remain well paid.


The Council deplores the actions of the few who display the worst examples of what it is to be Australian.  The actions of the few diminish the remainder of the Australian and Queensland communities in this difficult and dangerous period for all of Australia and for all Australians citizens.


I, as Chair of ECCQ urge other leading Multicultural and Societal organisations and other fair minded Queenslanders to join with ECCQ to condemn racism in all of its forms but particularly the current and growing instance of COVID 19 related racial abuse toward our Asian communities.



Alton Budd MAICD |Chairperson
Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland

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