Community sector monthly tip – July 

This month’s tip for community associations from the Community Sector Development Program is about chairing.

Chairing is a very important role in any voluntary management committee. The Chair person should have or develop a set of skills necessary for the management committee meeting to run smoothly, on time and according to the agenda. Following are a few essential items for competent chairing:

  • Preparing in advance for the meeting – this involves having read any necessary papers, being clear about the agenda, making sure the room is prepared, etc.
  • Making sure that everyone who wants to can speak but not for too long;
  • Not letting any one person dominate the discussion;
  • Not becoming so involved in the discussion that he/ she loses sight of the duties of chairperson;
  • Making sure that discussion stays focused on the agenda – a meeting in which discussions jumps around all over the place is very frustrating;
  • Summarising the discussion;
  • Making sure that everyone agrees on what needs to be done;
  • Making sure meetings finish on time.
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