Community leaders share insights to successful leadership

ECCQ asked some community leaders what leadership means to them.

President of CUPRA Leandre Nkuriza told us:

”Just because you can be a leader, doesn’t mean you are more clever than others. It is essential to listen and collaborate with your people. Make sure to see the value in the ideas of your members and mix them with your own, and in this way find an appropriate way to lead your community that is congruent with the vision of your community association.

”To lead people you have to be patient. In a group there will always be many different people. And although it can be challenging, make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to speak their mind and share their ideas. You may not agree with everyone’s opinions but you should still seek to represent your community as best as you can.”

President of the German-Australian Community Centre Qld, Louise Moeller shared with us that:

”It is never about you as a leader but about your organisation. That has to come first. You have to be passionate about it and you have to be absolutely dedicated to the mission of that organisation. You’ve got to live it, you’ve got to breathe it, because people will notice a fake a mile off. So it’s not just talking the talk, its living it, in what you do. That also means leading by example, you can’t just be a leader up here, that means nothing, you have to be prepared to do the most menial tasks. Nothing is too menial, and you’ve got to show people that sometimes you do that too. You can’t expect anyone to do anything you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself and you’ve got to be able to understand all levels.”

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