ABC Radio National ‘Ageing well in a foreign land’

The University of Queensland (UQ) partnered with Diversicare to conduct the Australian Research Council funded research project, Ageing Well in a Foreign Land: Identity, Social Connectedness, Well-being. Diversicare has collaborated with academic researchers at UQ since September 2016 to research and understand the best approaches to help older people from (CALD) backgrounds to adjust socially and culturally in Australia, reduce social isolation, and enhance their well-being.

On Life Matters, Radio National UQ Professor and Social Psychologist, Jolanda Jettens spoke with Michael Mackenzie about the findings of the research study. She touches on the tremendous health benefits of increasing wellbeing through social connections and restoring cultural continuity – connecting the past to the present.

Click here to listen to the program ‘Ageing well in a foreign land’ (13min).

Click here to learn more about ECCQ’s community care division, Diversicare.

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